See, I Actually Do Some Work Around Here

buyers advocateThe way I see it, I’m getting paid to fill a seat, and maybe do some good deeds. I’m such a good person, really. The whole time I’ve worked here I haven’t done a shred of work, to the point where I’ve turned looking like I’m working into an art form. Not that the boss really cares, but when he does walk around and I’m not prepared, I’ve always managed to play it off pretty easily.

“The client asked me to do some research. It’s quote relevant to our current case. I was just checking how to spell ‘entrepreneur’. How did that tab get there?”

Easy. Besides, I meant it when I said I did good deeds. Judy at reception as so stressed, and as always, totally computer-illiterate. She needed to find a buyers advocate so that she and her husband can finally move out of their grandparents’ old home and into something nice, but she wouldn’t even have known how to search for that kind of thing. I had the time, so I found her a buyers advocate in the local area. Easy. You’re welcome.

And then when Tina and Wendy were having that argument in the break room about the who the very first true feminist in history was. I went straight to my computer and, after a two-hour search (I had to verify my references), I found out that it was the wife of a Pharaoh in 200 BC who told her husband to make his own dinner. The more you know.

It’s tough being as diligently lazy as me, but I’m rewarded by satisfaction. And I guess if I ever need a property advocate around Melbourne, I’ll know where to look. What IS a property advocate, anyway? Once I’m back from lunch I’ll have to take a closer look. Might actually need to buy my own home one day. And if I have the time to gather info on buyers advocates and the changing nature of the property ladder, why not use it?


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