Property Seminars Are Nice, I Guess

buyers agentThe managers are being nice, and that means something is up. I can’t say what it is, because I really don’t have a precedent to go on, but…it’s got to be something. They don’t just get all snuggly out of nowhere…they probably want to announce a company-wide weekend working policy, and they’re trying to soften the blow with gift hampers. Also, free movie tickets. Free movie tickets are nice, but if they’re trying to buy our loyalty right before asking us all to work Saturdays forever, then I’m gone. I do not do weekends. The whole reason I got a job in an office was because they respect the sanctity of the weekend, and that’s how it’s staying. FOREVER.

They’re really laying it on thick with these weekly seminars, though. Every Friday we’ve been having someone come in to tell us about some special life thing…this week is was buying an investment property, which made me laugh out loud because we’re never doing that on these salaries. Still the property advocate from Melbourne was a pretty interesting addition. Didn’t even know that job existed until then, and it was certainly a lot more interesting that the work we would’ve been doing if we hadn’t been at the seminar. Who wants to work on a Friday morning, anyway? Nobody.

Although I could name a few slackers who could stand to use the time for catching up…

So now we know all about property advocacy and investment properties and the rise and fall of the Melbourne property ladder. That’s fun, I suppose. Next week is on draft-proofing your home, and I rent, so…not relevant to me. About as relevant as buyers advocates in Melbourne. But then, maybe I’ll get a windfall, and suddenly I’ll need both them AND draft-proofing in my new luxury condo.

Ah, whatever. We get free fruit-platters.


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