Funny Plumbing Books

emergency plumber MelbourneOne thing I don’t often see talked about in coffee table books is plumbing. Funny animals and beautiful scenery? They’re all very nice, but they’ve been done time and time again, and it’s time for something fresh. I happen to know a particularly hilarious cartoonist who specialises in all things to do with plumbing, and I think something like that would really appeal to our stay at home mother market. Finally, they receive both recognition and a good laugh!

Imagine the book starting with your typical drain plumber based in Melbourne. One of the wacky characters comes up with something like ‘oh, these drains were cleaner in Melbourne!’ and someone else replies ‘yeah, but up in Sydney, the same drains are double the width but half the depth!

I don’t know if your editors are drainage enthusiasts, but if any them are, they should be just falling over with laughter right about now. Can you imagine an entire book filled with such witticisms? An entire book, I say! It’s not something you’d leave on your bathroom floor. I doubt it would be a sinker.

Image a coffee table book stuffed to the brim with toilet jokes like the sizzling one I just made. It’d fly off the shelves, or down drains I’d imagine.

Oh, and while some plumbing jokes are a bit low-brow, there would be something for all the upper crust to enjoy. Jokes about flushing money, puns concerning the cost of a drain inspection…you know, something that everyone could enjoy.

Certainly, it might be a smaller market than a book filled with pictures of skydiving kittens, but I think there would still be quite the market. Think of the money involved! Melbourne plumbing coffee table books are an untapped market! Of course, I must thank the kind folks who do emergency drain replacement, Melbourne based plumbers are especially dedicated to their work. I will feel validated from the moment they turn the first page. This book is almost for the good of our nation, you might say.

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